Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tribute to My Grandmother

The podcast of my grandmother's poem, "A Blind Child Speaks," which she recorded in her own voice, elicited some deep-felt comments from PodPoet fans. Below is one such comment I share in tribute to my grandmother who, at 91, continues to inspire me every day.


I just want to say that your grandmother's poem is both touching and tasteful and by far one of the best poems I have heard spoken aloud in a long time. Her voice was not only the light of the poem - it was the core essence of beauty to bring out both the sadness and the sheer emotional empathy we are to feel for the poem.

Poetry has always been inspiring and thought-provoking to me. And, alas, I have gone astray from it for quite some time. Then I hear someone who has written a poem that seems to be a treasure lost in time. And I think that, with her reading of it now - through the greatness of the Internet - we can hear a voice which our generation does not reconcile with much. That voice is of those who have lived in the past - and hold much glory in the present. Perhaps our heroes are not those who try to redefine the art of poetry today, but those who have hidden poetry in the past. Your grandmother's poem should be heard by all the world, and then some. Quite beautiful indeed. It touches the core of poetry.

Paul E.

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