Monday, February 21, 2005

POEM: Getting Pumped Up to Get Laid

Getting pumped up to get laid

Building muscle to pave the way

Pounds shed, muscles flaunted
Wanting so desperately to be wanted

You hate the thought of a shirt
Worked too hard to cover up your work

Those hard shapes define a lifestyle
Muscles cover weakness...for a while

But can a sexy new bod fill the hole

Or will something else make life meaningful

You're a poster boy of the physically fine
Until, one day, you see the first sign

And to gym workouts you add another regimen
Popping pills, as lesions threaten the skin

What went wrong, you ask
What mistake
What sin?


dreammaker said...

I like it... believe the end could use somethin else, add a lil somethin, but I still think you did a good job.

Mercury said...

Too true.
It feels like it needs an ending

acamaca said...

damn! get someone all hot and bothered just to get a disapointment... wait is this about sex or steroids?

Anonymous said...

You become a poster boy of the physically fine

Pills are popped, lesions threaten the skin.

Oh crap this is really bad!

FangzOfFire said...

"Oh crap this is really bad!"
I wasn't going to say that anyway.
But I'm afraid I must agree.

Anonymous said...

I'm speechless again. This is great. Very insightful and relevant.

netsky said...

t's sort of bad.. but good because how many gay body-buffing poems do you see these days? New to me! And... the "lesions" mean only two possible things: steroid zits (but noone takes so many oral steriods these days, huh) OR more likely, the finish is about HIV and losing the T cell count.. and skin problems are an early manifestation for many getting sick in full-blown immune deficiency. I used to gym-pump to get laid. I did lots of bad things. I never got sick. So I am here to affirm this poet's reality: this is life for many many young gay men.. it's the culture and they are dying for their pumps.. so,THIS closing angle of the poem saves it from insignificance. Read it and weep..Most all the guys I knew twenty years ago are long since dead. I never even got the virus, but -should have-. I say this so show you regulars just how enslaved gay men are to their drives and cultural apocalyptic. It's not "sinful". Only fatal.