Sunday, February 13, 2005

POEM: Little Fly

There used to be a little fly
Who saw the world through all her eyes

On everything touched by her little feet
Instead of germs she brought a treat

She had the power to change things
By spreading love and all it brings

One day she landed on George Bush
Then caught the jet stream and was pushed

Across the Atlantic to the Middle East
Determined to replace hate with peace

She fell from the sky as if heaven-sent
And brought to Saddam Hussein a certain present

Landing on one of his big toes
That little fly changed two foes

And turned them into two men
Who loved each other as two friends

And soldiers returned from overseas
And all the prayers on all the knees

Were heard and answered that very day
Each, you can be sure, in its own way

Peace reigned over the Earth
And the little fly gave birth

To a dozen more just like herself
Whose progeny will always help

Spread the germ known as love
Sent from somewhere up above

Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed...and God in the sky
All of them - and many more - are the fly


bloodfetish said...

it's nice as a children's poem, though i think the idea of war is lost to many of them: they understand fear, loss and pain ... but the players in the war? i'm not so sure.

but the idea behind this is awesome ... a fly, a female fly, bringing piece to the earth with a touch of her feet -- that the bearer of pestilence and disease can bring peace. i like that a lot ....

petitemaverick said...

Verdict: Beautiful
Simple yet undoubtedly effective in conveying the message of good, humanity, and peace on earth. It's always hard for me to write simple, two-line stanzas but you do it very well. The story is neatly told, and appreciatively, without the use of bombastic, obscure words to confuse the readers.